CIDC 2023

We hope everyone had a great time, seeing new things, learning them, and sharing them!

Free Sessions:

Robert ZaunereSoftVelocity Presents: Where we are, where we’re headedDownload Stream
Bruce JohnsonCapeSoft: Putting The Cape Back in CapeSoft!Stream
Andy Wiltonnoyantis: Full Throttle!Stream
Robert ZaunereSoftVelocity Presents: Let’s Take a Closer Look…DownloadStream
PanelPanel Conversation w/ Bob, Andy, Bruce and MikeStream

Onsite Attendees

Online Attendees


A great big “Thank You” To All Of Our Fantastic Speakers!

I have attended several DevCON (old Clarion) and CIDC (New Clarion) conferences over the span of 25 years. I have found them extremely beneficial. The information presented is extremely useful and often unique. Interaction with the presenters and attendees has served to enhance my understanding and learning way beyond standard Clarion. Help, insights and tips from folks at DevCON and CIDC has helped me put together several major apps for commercial use.

I attended the most recent CIDC virtually. I have all the materials and presentations available to me on line and I have the ability to have any questions answered on Clarion Live, Net Talk webinars and Noyantis webinars. Developing apps from the Help and examples is a good entry level. To move to higher levels of development, the information available at international CIDC conferences is invaluable.

Ron Jolda, DO, MS

PDMG Consulting, LLC

CIDC 2019 was my first CIDC event after being a long time Clarion Live subscriber and Clarion user since C4. The event (all sessions and networking activities) was so good with the added benefit of still being able to rewatch all the sessions online. The knowledge and contacts I gained from CIDC 2019 was well worth traveling the 15,500 Km (approx 9640 miles) from home in Brisbane Australia to Orlando. I will be back again this year, this time my son will also be attending. See you in September 2023!

Graeme Healey

Department of Transport and Main Roads, Australia

I’ve been to the last five CIDCs (2013 – 2020) mostly onsite with only two exceptions. I’ve never have been disappointed. Presentations were always informative and have given me many ideas I could apply to the applications I’ve developed. The icing on the cake was meeting with and talking to all the other developers. I’d say “don’t miss CIDC”!

Michael Tabakin

Tabakin & Associates

CIDC 2023 is back at the Orlando Wyndham hotel, where our last CIDC in 2019 was held. This is the best CIDC Hotel and greatly adds to the enjoyment of the conference. It has a large excellent Meeting Room and Vendor area. The location is next to Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) that offers a lot of evening fun and dining. Learn a lot about Clarion meet all the online posters and have fun at CIDC!

Carl Barnes

Carl Barnes Computer Consulting

I have attended many CIDCs in the past and would recommend you at least come to one. Just the knowledge you get from the presentations is worth the price of admission. For me, meeting other programmers from around the world is the icing on the cake. Life long friendships.

Alan Cochran

Water Systems, Inc., Franklin, TN

Attended the CIDC 2022 conference online. Great sessions, presenters, and stream quality. Absolutely planning to attend the upcoming CIDC 2023 conference.

Mark Overton, Owner/Developer

myZure LLC, Phoenix Arizona

I attended CIDC 2019 and greatly enjoyed it! Learned a great deal and enjoyed meeting everyone!

Donald Ridley

Clarion Developer

I have loved ‘EVERY’ CIDC I have attended. And, I have attended ALL in the USA gatherings for several decades. I enjoy the training & meeting with others and as a direct result, my programming skills have improved dramatically.

Merle Windler

Thoroughbred Systems